The company’s products are used for creating systems and plants for purifying domestic sewage, treating runoff from hardstandings and for storing potable water and other foodstuffs and compatible liquids.

The SEWAGE TREATMENT DIVISION, also produces grease separators, Imhoff and septic tanks, percolating filters, activated sludge plants as well as surface runoff treatment plants and gravity or coalescent filter oil/grit separators. All supplied with technical specifications, certificates and underground installation instructions.

The WATER DIVISION instead has a vast range of tanks available in various models able to satisfy any space and volume requirements.

The tanks designed for installation above-ground are blue in colour (Verticale, Box, Jolly…) while those for underground installation are black and/or grey (Cisterna and Panettone  Underground modular tanks INFINITANK allow the creation of big water storage thanks to the connection of 4 basic elements: Head, Central, Tee and Elbow; so an infinite range of tanks can fulfill any customers’ need. The Linear configuration is ideal for big sewage treatment.

Numerous accessories are also available for all the tanks: sludge and sewage delivery pumps, electric panels, flanged joints, brass pipe unions and many other items.