Advantages of polyethylene

The smooth internal surface of the products makes them easy to clean and maintain, while their lightness makes them easy to transport and quick to install, with the cost being much less than steel, fibreglass or concrete. All this guarantees substantial savings in both time and money.

Rotational moulding technology allows the production of plastic tanks with one-piece structures. The absence of welds, which could weaken parts of the structure subjected to internal stresses, guarantees high strength and robustness.

Tanks in linear polyethylene are ideal for storing potable water and for numerous other applications. Polyethylene, in fact, is a material guaranteed atoxic and as such can also come into contact with foodstuffs.

The raw materials used in the production of the tanks guarantee maximum reliability in terms of resistance to corrosion and oxidation, they also prevent the formation of algae and, thanks to the use of anti-UV additives, ensure that the product does not deteriorate over time.

Rototec manufactures a vast range of tanks available in various shapes and capacities, ranging from 50 to 10,000 litres, able to satisfy any space and volume requirements. Furthermore, for particular installations or on request from the customer, it is possible to provide made to measure holes and connect the products together to obtain large storage volumes.

Rotational moulding is used in numerous sectors, for example it is possible to manufacture items for agriculture, boats, furnishings, packaging, liquid storage containers (food and otherwise), safety products as well as components for the automobile, construction and thermohydraulic industries.

The ease of handling and the lightweight nature of Rototec tanks guarantee absolute safety on-site.

Respect for the environment
The linear high density polyethylene used for the production of the tanks is a 100% recyclable raw material.